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Kristina & Mark - "Love in the City" 1482 1323aw postaw alley

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Rest in Peace - Roger Ebert A great man and an amazing spirit

Siskel_Ebert001c OK... In my defense, they said "Hey let's do the Thumbs Up thing"... I fell for it

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An AMAZING Bar Mitzvah Unbelievable Bar Mitzvah Saturday night at Cafe Brauer with Reva Nathan and Tom Kehoe.  Some surprise guests added to the great evening.  I'm so sad that Ean is the last of their 5 sons to be Bar Mitzvah.  Such a great family!




DS3_1449 copy






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Many exciting changes and new things on the horizon at Photo Images. I have been working incredibly hard for the last 6 months on new ways to help my clients and to offer some exciting new items in order to enhance their experience with Photo Images.  We appreciate all our beta testers and the input and feedback that they have provided.

As the new year begins, our phone has been ringing with new couples checking their wedding dates with us and I am loving it!  Many are referrals from previous clients and I feel I should really thank all of you.  If you did not receive this on your mobile device... I would like to share it here.




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On the Streets of Chicago... an early December morning L3339052 L3339125 L3339434 L3339399-Edit L3298731_2 L3339340-Edit L3339422 L3339387 L3339270_1 L3339168 L3339313 L3339314 L3339403

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A great way to start the day.... Thank you so much! The pictures are amazing!!! You captured every moment perfectly and have given us beautiful memories for a life time. Thank you and your adorable wife Adriana for your hard work and for how much you cared. I am very impressed not only with the photos but on how great you are at keeping a nervous bride calm and smiling through it all. 
I sincerely thank you!!!

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GOTTA LOVE the soft glow of the 1960 Leica Summilux 35mm pre aspherical lens wide open 2022 2018 2078 4092 4098

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From the weekend Danger


        Thought this was pretty cool from the weekend.  Kinda scarey

        Any idea for a title? (Stranger Danger?)


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Midwest - Some quick images made on the drive back from visiting my daughter. Rockville 3 Rockville 2 Rockville 1

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It is very interesting to hear how you are perceived by people when viewing your website.   A couple of weeks ago, I had a perspective client come to meet me.  At the end of the consultation, she told me that she was "very happy that she decided to come in to meet me" because she almost did not, based on her perception of what I would be like based on the feel of my website.  She knew my photographic skills and that I could capture the moments exquisitely, but what would I be like  to work with?

   She explained that she had expected me to be very aggressive and an "in your face" photographer and perhaps even a little "arrogant".  Anybody who knows me knows...  that is definitely not my personality.  My personality is much more gentle and my style of photography is to blend in and capture the day and definitely not take it over.  She did not get the feeling that I am a "romanticist", caring  and "soft" person, which is the feeling she had after meeting me. 

  After asking more perspective clients about the impression they had received from my website, I had several similar responses.

NOW  I wonder, how many people did not call me because of this false impression???? 

  Well... it was obvious it was time to work on my website.  It is now live online and almost finished. 

                                                       Please leave any comments and suggestions. 


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Honored to be Featured on Strictly Weddings amazing blog! I am honored to be chosen by Strictly Weddings "Your Wedding Resource Blog" as one of the "top photographers" in Chicago.   Today,their blog features a fantastic wedding that I photographed for the Chen family.  Yes, that is the beautiful daughter of the one and only Edward Chen, Director of Catering at the Hilton Chicago .  The planning and coordination of the wedding was entrusted to Chuck Share, Wedddings, Inc.   SO CHECK IT ALL OUT -  CLICK HERE


sw chen

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Thank you! We love our clients! This was posted today on WeddingWire/  Thank you sooooooooo much! 

Phil Farber is truly amazing!!! He was so much fun to work with, he's easy going, and produces the best photos I have ever seen. He knows exactly how to capture moments without being a distraction to anything going on during the entire wedding day. You can never take back your day and repeat it so you want to make sure your photographer is someone you trust to capture these memories and Phil Farber is exactly this person. He exceeded all of our expectations and my husband and I in addition to our family are all in love with all of our photos.
Jenny and Steve
out of 5.0
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Rest In Peace - Maggie - MAggie Daleym223003496

Thank you for all you have done...

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"Vintage Pin-up Girls" A few quick images from our shoot.

 1007m222657196 1143m222657197 2008m222657198 6055 layeredm222657206 6044m222657205 5034awm222657203 3012m222657199 4021awm222657200


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On the 3rd Anniversary of my Granddaughter's Murder  On the 3rd anniversary of one of the most horrific days of my life, I wanted to repost some of the amazing tributes that were made in memory of Savannah.  Never forgotten... until we meet again.
Thank you to the talented musicians who recorded this song  and to Bob Young for writting this breathtaking song in memory of our little angel -  Brand New Angel - When Savannah Smiles - 

And Malysa Stone for posting his beautiful video.

And thank you to Shari Solheim for posting her amazing words!

Crumpled Up Piece of Paper

(I wrote this about a week after Savannah passed away, so it was inspired by her.)

So maybe someday you'll


a crumpled up piece of

paper I am.

The story of a girl is written on


But I'm crumpled up

and no one has read


No one has cared to listen to

the thoughts of one



A girl that was told

she was always wrong.

A crumpled up piece

of paper I am.

Someday someone will

find me and unfold

me and try to lay

me flat,

iron out my back.

But the scars will remain,

the wrinkles on my page. 

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Dana & Elliott A Night to Remember   WOW!  Truly a day to remember.  Ok... I go way back with Dana's family... from Bat Mitzvahs to weddings.  It is always such a compliment when you are invited  over and over again  to capture a family's special moments.  They are a special family!  Dana & Elliott's wedding was an amazing day.  Chicago's Field Museum provided an exceptional venue for a perfect evening organized by Robin and Susan - The Party People.   Tom Kehoe and his crew transformed Stanley Field Hall into a dream setting.  Blue Plate's expert chefs presented just as beautiful offerings for the guests to indulge in.  The dance floor was TOTALLY PACKED all night  (and into the early morning hours) thanks to the amazing sounds of the one and only Ken Arlen and his Orchestra.   So many great moments... so many photos... here are a few (thank you to Rebecca at the Field for her help and hospitality).

 701_2728m221361756 701_2702-Editm221361751 701_2722m221361754 701_2768m221361757 700_2356-Edit-2m221361746 700_2374m221361749 701_2848m221361763 701_2885m221361772 DS3_5024-Editm221361774 701_2861m221361764 DS3_5173-Editm221361779 701_2874m221361768 DS3_5041m221361776 DS3_5502-Editm221361786 DS3_5200-Edit-2m221361783   DS3_5974-Edit-2m221361790 DSCF6313-Editm221361794 DS3_6054-pano 1ab221361792 L3322407-Editm221361797

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Kerri & Matt   When you are asked to photograph the wedding of the daughter of someone who is so respected and loved in the industry... it is the ultimate compliment.  Thank you Ed and Glenys for having us there!@Chuck Share (Weddings, Inc.) pulled everything together for the 300+ guests. @Micheal Lerich and his Orchestra had the dance floor PACKED all night. The Drake Room and the Gold Coast Room were decked out like a palace by @Yanni.  You should have seen the food... amazing... done right by Danziger and the @Drake Hotel.  I will post some of those photos later.

20__###_TMP_00000_2204m221204028 21__###_TMP_00001_2147m221204029 22__###_TMP_00002_2178m221204030 23__###_TMP_00003_2252m221204031 24__###_TMP_00004_2196m221204032 25__###_TMP_00005_2210m221204033 26__###_TMP_00006_2353m221204034 27__###_TMP_00007_4292m221204035 28__###_TMP_00008_3086m221204036 29__###_TMP_00009_4039m221204037 30__###_TMP_00010_4203m221204040 31__###_TMP_00011_4093m221204041 32__###_TMP_00012_4105m221204042 33__###_TMP_00013_4131m221204043 34__###_TMP_00014_4194m221204045 35__###_TMP_00015_4235m221204046 36__###_TMP_00016_Untitled-1m221204047 37__###_TMP_00017_5782m221204048 38__###_TMP_00018_5807m221204049


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New Orleans and the Fuji X100  Had some down time in New Orleans and decided to take the Fuji X100 out for a test under the toughest conditions:

1.  In extreme contrast  2.  In extreme darkness  3. In extreme rowdiness  4. Intoxication 

 01_DSCF3992-Editm220830858 02_DSCF3852-Editm220830859  03_DSCF3803-Editm220830860  04_DSCF3747-Editm220830861  05_DSCF3756-Editm220830862  06_DSCF3807-Editm220830869  07_DSCF3808-Editm220830874  08_DSCF3825-Editm220830883  09_DSCF3826-Editm220830887  10_DSCF3867-Editm220830894  11_DSCF3915-Editm220830903  12_DSCF3847-Editm220830911  13_DSCF3853-Editm220830917  14_DSCF3872-Editm220830922  15_DSCF3889-Editm220830930  16_DSCF4019-Editm220830933  17_DSCF3897-Editm220830941  18_DSCF3920-Editm220830951 19_DSCF3936-Editm220830954  20_DSCF4015-Editm220830955  21_DSCF4017-Editm220830960  22_DSCF3954-Editm220830962  23_DSCF3957-Edit-2m220830965  24_DSCF3959-Editm220830967 25_DSCF3983-Editm220830969   27_DSCF4026-Editm220830972  28_DSCF3993-Editm220830973  29_DSCF4031-Editm220830975  30_DSCF3996-Editm220830977


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Jamie & Adam All I can say is WOW!  Jamie and Adam's wedding at the Standard Club in Chicago was amazing... Bradley Young had the dance floor PACKED all night (and early morning). HMR produced an incredible decor for the wedding. Randy Schuster and crew kept it all running smoothly for Jamie and Adam. 

Hope you're having a great time in Maui... and Adam you may give me a light slap when you see me :)

Here are a few quick images of the day:

DS3_5394m220321407   700_6704am220321399 700_6626am220321398 DS3_5493am220321408   700_6845am220321401 DS3_5878am220321409 DS3_5987am220321411 700_6769m220321400 DSC_3497am220321412 DSC_3561-Editm220321413 L3319542-Editm220321414 701_8362m220321405 L3319781m220321418

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Dana & Jed @The Peninsula Hotel - Chicago      Getting back into the swing of things now that WEDDING SEASON has officially started. To kick it off with a great couple and 2 great families... well I couldn't ask for anything more.  The Peninsula was perfect as always.  Ken Arlen kept everybody on the dance floor into the early morning hours.  HMR designed a setting that just sparkled. Thank you to Lisa Zimbler of Lisa Zimbler Events for helping all of us to keep on schedule and create a beautiful day for Dana & Jed.

A few images of the day.

  01L3317855A-Editm219542827 03L3317843-Editz219542829 04L3317898awz219542830 10DS3_0876z219542834 11DS3_0878z219542835 05701_6499cbwz219542842 06700_4335z219542845 09701_6437-Editm219542847 13701_6453m219542848 12L3318042z219542836 15700_4765awm219542850 16DS3_1687z219542837 17DS3_1690z219542838 18L3318337z219542839

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